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The grandparents: the past that helps the present become a future

The summer season is for everyone, or almost, a synonym for holidays. And for many families, especially those who have had to leave their home town or country, a holiday means returning to their family of origin … to their grandparents !!!

In a child’s life, the figure of grandparents is more than important; it is unique, precious and essential.



Numerous pieces of scientific and sociological research have confirmed how valuable the role of grandparents is for a child’s psychological and emotional development and for his educational path. The Florence University Press, for example, has written on this topic in a very clear and in-depth manner in its journal.

The relationship that is built between grandparents and grandchildren is truly unique, made up of complicity, playfulness, and lightness. It is very different from the educational role of parents, sometimes charged with too many things, especially with responsibilities, doubts, fears, and commitments to manage.

In this diversity and uniqueness, even the small treats granted (without ever changing the educational path chosen by the parents) become a characteristic, an important part.

The presence of grandparents in the family and in the life of the child creates a sense of security; and a reassuring environment helps the little ones (and others) to feel more protected, more secure. It helps to develop compassion, love and resilience skills, and above all to grow in a more self-confident way.

And the help that grandparents often provides to parents, e.g in managing busy schedules, helping with needs and financial difficulties creates an even more peaceful environment.

Besides, grandparents are an important symbol of history, and therefore of stories, of time spent slowly, but also of games and songs of other times.


Many families today live far away from their grandparents, and certainly, this situation is not easy to live for both parents, e.g for the practical help that cannot be provided, but especially for the grandparents who would like to spend all the time with their grandchildren. But let us remember that in life it is important to always look at things from their positive side, and turn everything into an opportunity. Especially when, as in this case, we are reference points for the little ones.

So let’s focus on quality time and spend well the time we have together.  Take advantage of technologies like Skype and faceTime, and remember that quality is more important than quantity, and this is especially true with children.

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