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Starting again…

Start writing again after a long pause is no easy task. You look for the right way to start again, the right topic, a new identity that reflects what you have become and how you have changed. And behind this research time passes by, quickly. I couldn’t wait to resume a real contact with this space that is so special to me.

So, after so much thinking and postponing, the time has come to simply put my fingers back onto the keyboard, turn my eyes to the calendar, and look for that pinch of concentration to create a plan, and the rest will come.

This is no “WOW!” post; I think the best thing to write about when starting again is to talk about the reason behind this pause and absence. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you everything in detail, as people who know me well might expect!!!



About a year ago, after months of reflections and evaluations, I decided to leave Norway, a fantastic country where I left people who really became my family. A country that I can truly call home!

But unfortunately the long winters with lots of ice, darkness for most of the day and the difficulty in moving around, often limited me and my choices.

I didn’t know whether leaving was the right choice (and actually I still don’t know it!) but I had to try, knowing that those people would still remain a fundamental part of my life, wherever it would take us.


So I decided to return to Basel, in Switzerland, a city where I lived for 5 years and which, for many reasons, would have been perfect for my current needs.

It has not been easy, I experienced lots of unexpected disappointments, and heard many people repeating that it was impossible and that I would never make it.

I have thought a lot about it, was it still the right thing to do? Was it the right choice to make? I had to try, I had to do it.

So thanks to the immense and tireless support of my friends (the real ones!), of my family and the faith that luckily never abandoned me, I got here and I’m able to tell you all of this.

I found a job that is allowing me to discover and develop new parts of myself and my skills, I found a house that I am furnishing, I met new people and created new friends that are enriching my life.


With all of this going on and adjusting to a new life, I was simply unable to dedicate the time and energy that I would have liked to this blog.

I have been missing this space and the human contact that had been created with so many of you. But I also felt that I had changed and the blog had to change a little too.

These have been difficult months but important ones. They have allowed me to get to know myself better, to see once again my strength and resilience, to learn how to measure trust and give the right name to relationships. But above all, they taught me that you should never let anyone tell you that you won’t make it without even giving you the chance to try in the first place.

Life must be lived fully, every single moment, without waiting for an excuse to be who you want to be and to achieve what you want.

This life is beautiful because it gives to everyone, young and old, the ability to dream and wake up every morning with the desire and determination to get up and go and build that dream, despite everything and everyone.

And now, come on, it’s time to start again

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