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Settling into nursery: a practical mini-guide

A new adventure begins, bringing along excitement and curiosity, but also doubts and fears.

Starting nursery is a delicate and important step for both children and parents. For this reason, I decided to accompany you on this fascinating adventure that makes your legs tremble and your heartbeat a little faster! I wrote this…




My intention is not to teach you anything or give you some magic formulas or rules to follow.  I´d rather like just to take inspiration from my many years of experience with children and their families to share some ideas that I hope will be useful for you to live this moment a little more peacefully.


You can find the PDF file at the end of this post. You can download, save or print it.

At the end of this mini-guide, I would like to recommend some activities to do together and some picture books that you can read with your children and that can help you share even more closely emotions and concerns with your little ones.


Click on the mini-guide below to download the PDF file


Settling into nursery: a practical mini-guide


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