Book Little One Step

Little One Step: because everything starts and takes place one step at a time!

How many times have we told to our children, and often even to ourselves, that everything starts and takes place step by step? It is exactly when you can’t wait to reach a goal, that haste hurts everyone, little ones, and grown-ups. But it is then that you have to remember, calmly, to slow down and take one step at a time. Above all, when the path ahead, the difficulties, the goals, they seem larger than our abilities, we must concentrate and focus only on the next little step. And then on another one, and another one, and so on till infinity.

It is not easy and both, children and adults, know this well. This is why the book I want to talk to you about here is perfect for very young kids, starting from 2 years and older, but it is a little treasure to read once in a while even when there are many more years on our back.

This illustrated book is called precisely …






written and illustrated by Simon James, one of the most famous English illustrators in the world of illustrated books for children.


Book Little One Step


The story is about three duckling brothers who are lost in the woods. The youngest, frightened, looks for his mom. He feels lost and scared. But there are his older brothers who encourage him; in fact, the eldest brother suggests not to be discouraged, but to try to use its paw to make “a step”; and then, with the other one, repeat that step again. The little brother tries “one – step”, and then another “one – step”, and then “one – step”. And it is precisely the smallest, renamed by his middle brother “Little One Step“, who, with his little steps, leads the others through the clearing to his home, to his mom!



It’s a simple story, but its simplicity becomes effective because it’s understandable to everyone! The elegance of the illustrations and the choice of words make reading pleasant and fascinating.

It is a delicate but incisive way of talking to the little ones (and reminding to the adults!) about how every difficulty and every challenge can be frightening at first, but that everything is possible and anything can be achieved by taking one step at a time.

In the end, every growth is made up of small steps, right?

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