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Art Basel is the most important contemporary art fair in the world. It takes place every year in Basel, Switzerland, around mid-June.

The exhibition includes all kinds of artistic expression such as painting, drawing, installation, photography, performance and video art.

The first edition took place in 1970, and since then it has grown so much that this year’s edition hosted the works of 4,000 artists.

Since 2002 the fair has also hosted an edition in Miami and since 2013 also in Hong Kong.

The atmosphere you can breathe is amazing: pure energy, inspiration, imagination, and creativity.

The location is beautiful, the spaces are gigantic, the fair seems really endless.

A section of the fair is dedicated to children, precisely …


Let me take you on a small tour to explore that… Ready? Let’s go!!

Art Basel entrance

The biggest part of the section for children and teens is obviously the one dedicated to creativity …


Art Basel Tinguely
… atelier dedicated to Jean Tinguely, a Swiss sculptor raised in Basel. He was and is famous especially for his poetic machinery sculptures. The notoriety that spread well beyond the country’s borders. His moving sculptures have been described as cheerful and playful, creative and witty.










Art Basel Weber
… atelier dedicated to Bruno Weber, who was also a Swiss artist. With his works, Weber aimed to create a world that evokes dreams and that transmits a special harmony among human beings, nature and living space.













Art Basel Derrick Adams
… this is the atelier dedicated to the American contemporary artist Derrick Adams, who lives and works in New York. Through different techniques such as collage, sculpture, performance, drawing, and video, Adams explores the power of popular culture. His works are mainly based on the fragmentation and manipulation of materials, surfaces and structures.


















Of course, there is also a space dedicated to the little ones …

Art Basel Forza 4




… for example, with a giant “Connect 4”!!!





Art Basel woods  



… or creating many fantastic stories and incredible scenarios with wood!


Art Basel library 



… or even better reading a good book and discovering new things!





…and so much more!!!

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