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Activities to do at home with kids

As you are aware, with the schools being closed and the children at home, it can be challenging for parents to organize their time between smart working and managing children. Above all, finding activities that can be interesting and stimulating, without necessarily falling back on the use of the TV all day.

For this reason, I thought of giving you some ideas and advice.




First of all and I am aware it is not simple, however, try to keep to the same routines and to have rules in managing the day. This will keep the children calmer because they will know what awaits them.

Next, check the internet and social networks. There are many interactive proposals from different educators, animators, and educational centers. As an example, book readings, songs for children and proposals for specific dance techniques.

Here are some ideas of activities that can be done together, especially for the 0-3 age group:



You can use any kind of fruits and vegetables you have at home. Cut them in half and use them instead of brushes. Do not dilute the colors but use them pure. You can also use sponges cut into pieces, corks or other objects that you have at home. With the older ones, you can also cover the sheets with cling film and with the hands mix the color and see the effect.

Fantasy, creativity, and stimulation of sensory abilities are the protagonists of this activity.





To prepare the salt dough just mix:

2 glasses of fine salt

2 glasses of warm water

4 glasses of flour (If you use polenta flour you will have a slightly colored pasta)

If the paste is too liquidy you can add flour, however, if it’s too solid then add a few drops of water. These are the proportions, obviously, you can adjust them according to your needs. You can also form small creations and then bake them. You can then put them in the oven a little bit warm with the door slightly open. Leave them there in order for the pasta to dry. Then they are ready to paint if you choose to.

The salt dough not only stimulates manual skills but also helps the child release any tension that may have accumulated during these days.



Take plastic bottles, preferably small ones and fill each one with different seeds or beans. You can also use pasta or rice.

It is a way for children to create using their own hands and the music helps the body with movement as well as coordination in keeping with the rhythm.



Put several containers on the table with different types of pasta or seeds, and play so the children are transferring them into different containers, perhaps even with the help of small and large spoons. With the little ones, you can use very large pasta or sesame seeds.

This activity stimulates manual skills and coordination.



In a box put different types of clothes (they can be of different sizes), accessories and free your imagination. Let yourself be guided by children’s creativity, especially if the characters concern everyday life figures, because “pretending” is a very important game for children to bring out fears, questions, thoughts that they are unable to externalize or that they are trying to elaborate.



You can plant legumes and over time see seedlings sprout.




For small children it becomes “The treasure basket”, I talk about it in this article

To do this with the older kids, separate the different objects in different containers, divided by material.



Obviously this refers to the older ones. Take advantage of these days together to experiment, mess and prepare new things. You can find a recipe together and prepare it. Cookies, cakes, pizzas, pancakes or whatever your imagination and desire suggest. Children love to cook, and it is also important to experiment with different materials, and different senses through taste, touch, smell. Not to mention the complicity that is created between parent and child.


Dough with kids


Read more not only in the evening before going to sleep, but also during the day, especially in the afternoon when children tend to be tired and need a moment of calm to rest and not risk overloading them with inputs and proposals. In addition, fairy tales, structured ones, those that Bettelheim calls “work of art”, are essential to help the child process emotions, and these days there are many emotions to be processed.


And above all, however difficult sometimes, enjoy these days with your children, because they are not normal but extraordinary things, really out of the ordinary.

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