2 special books to take you into the magic of Christmas

This special time of the year, that leads to Christmas, is certainly one of the most magical. Moments filled with family time, warmth, candles, gifts, books.

The magic of a Christmas tree in the living room, and with this a nice book to read together, maybe near the fireplace with a nice cup of steaming hot chocolate.

Today I want to take you into this magic and tell you about two books that can be a wonderful idea as Christmas presents. Gifts not only for the little ones but also for the grown-ups, lovers of such magic.

I have chosen these two books, one in Italian and one in English, to bring us together across borders and meet other cultures, customs, and precious treasures.

The first one…





skilfully illustrated by Angelo Ruta.


Libro Rodari


Gianni Rodari is a master in knowing how to speak to children and the child that everyone of us has inside. 

This book collects some of the most famous and amusing Christmas stories and nursery rhymes by this great author.

Everything in this book conveys beauty: from the hard and golden cover to the tender and sweet illustrations, to the texture and color of the pages, which give the book a flavor of ancient treasure.

It is a book to keep and let grow with you.   


Libro Rodari Natale


The second one is…



by Lory Evert


with the beautiful photos by Per Breiehagen.


Book Christmas


This book is pure magic: not only linked to Christmas but also the magic of the landscapes of the far North.

It is a particular book: mum Lori and dad Per (a prestigious photographer) have, in fact, created this story inspired by their little girl, Anja. There are no illustrations but real wonderful photos that take you into the fantastic Norwegian world made of deep snow, polar bears, curious reindeer, jumpers, and heavy wool gloves.

This is the story of Anja, a kind but also brave little girl who has a great dream: to become one of Santa’s elves. She will meet different animals that will help her face different adventures and above all to make her dream come true.

The motto of the book is “Be brave, be kind, believe”!


Book Christmas


These two books are very different from each other, but both are very recommended, to keep in your bookshops for their great ability to bring magic not only to children but also to all adults who didn’t lose the ability to dream.



If you want to order the books on Amazon these are the links:


Le più belle storie di Natale” by Gianni Rodari

Amazon IT


The Christmas Wish” by Lori Evert

Amazon It     Amazon UK     Amazon US     Amazon DE

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